Losing Purse/Wallet Dream Example

Discovering that you've lost your purse or wallet in real life can be a trying experience--you have to take many steps to reclaim your valuables and identification and to prevent others from stepping in and causing harm.  

In a dream, you'd be struggling with similar issues of necessary recovery from trauma or trouble that can be associated our own carelessness or 'theft' by others. 

A purse or a wallet is something that we carry with us that pertains to our name, character, our 'treasure' sources in life.

Having your purse or wallet stolen in a dream most often means you are feeling a loss attributed to someone else's actions.  

Issues of Identity often arise with these kinds of dreams--we may fear that someone will 'steal' part of us, what we are associated with (identity theft) and use it for their gain, to our detriment.

(Note:  sometimes, having a certain treasure stripped from us so that we cannot rely on it can be a very GOOD thing). 

In a troubled economy, we may stress about expenses we cannot afford, or not having enough provision to take care of our needs (money or other resources).  

Losing Purse dream:

I was on a journey with some co-workers.  We were at a gas station and they were ready to go for some lunch, but I still had to pay.  I told them I would be okay with any of their restaurant choices, and let them take my car to go ahead.  Then I realized it was MY car, and My Purse was in it!  As they take off, I yell for help, but they don't stop. They throw my purse out the window at me--it lands in a ditch.  I don't think I will find it, but I eventually do, and it has some old important tax papers in it.  I am furious that they would take my car and leave me behind.  

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that as you take time to recharge yourself from a task you are working on with other, a series of miscommunications happens, leaving you feeling hurt, abandoned, without a sense of belonging.  You are willing to pay the cost, however, to take care of your needs, and even though your circumstances hurt, you are shown that you will recover what you need to move on, to continue your work as necessary.  You are being invited in your dream to realize that you have secured what is most important in the situation--your sense of identity and personal integrity.


Stolen Wallet dream:  

My husband had a dream that a favorite car he owned (that was totaled about a year ago in real life) was stolen from him.  His wallet was in the car.  He found the empty wallet down the street with all of the money and credit cards missing.  The credit cards had been used by the thief, and my husband tried to get his money back but was unable to.  

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream is saying that a project or activity that has been very precious to you (the husband)  is no longer in your life.  Perhaps it was taken away prematurely, and seems irretrievable.  It feels to you as though part of your identity and worth is gone because of it. Your dream is given to help you process your feelings of shock and loss.  


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