Holy Cow!!!

Holy Cow!!! That is amazing. I know from the tears that you are right on target. I don't cry easily. Thank you so much!!!


"I don't think this interpretation could have been more accurate, & it brings tears to my eyes!! You hit so many things right on the head. This is an amazing interpretation!!! Thank you, Merry. You have a wonderful gift!!!"


"Reading this softens my heart and causes me to come to tears -- thank you so much! So glad I sent it to you, thanks for being there and being willing to handle it."


"Ha!  That is entirely too accurate to where I am right now!  Spot on, Merry!"

"Hi Merry,

Thank you so much. After reading your interpretations yesterday I was left speechless. I felt so much comfort and peace in another place in myself--a deeper place than all the surface anxiety and analysis I have been caught up in."


"I have never felt so compelled to get clarity around the meaning of a dream before. I appreciate your insight."


"How in the world did you get all of that from my dream?  You hit everything right on the nail. By the way, I think that is the best $20 I have ever spent. Thank you for this dream interpretation."




 "Wow, totally right on, encouraging, uplifting and relevant to something 'key' in my life right now! thank you so much!"


 "Please know how much I appreciate you as well as your astute gift. Nice to know I can lean on you when I need a well-done interpretation."


"Wow, wow, wow! Yet another right on interpretation filled with life, encouragement and insight!!! Way to go, girl! That interp was worth 50 bucks to me!"

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